There is a new type of fishing in this mod. Instead of fishing, it is crabbing. You craft a crab trap with the top and bottom crafting table rows with wooden planks, the middle box with raw porkchop, and the 2 boxes next to the porkchop will be sticks. Once you catch a crab your crab trap will be an unbaited crab trap. When the crab trap is placed, do not leave until you pull it out. There is a possibility that the crab will get the meat then escape. That is why you need to leave it attended

How to use:

You use a crab trap by crafting it then while holding it, right click on water and you will throw it into the water. It can be left unattended, but it is not reccomended because the crab could steal your bait and escape.

Once you catch a crab:

Your Crab Trap will be unbaited. You can rebait it by crafting it with another raw porkchop above it.

How to know when a crab is trapped:

When a crab is caught, your crab trap will move. When it is moving, that is when you should pull it out. If you pull it out when it stops moving, the crab would have escaped and your trap will be unbaited.