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An Obsidian Pickaxe.

Obsidian Pickaxes are the first kind of pickaxe in the mod after diamond that you recieve. Obsidian Pickaxes are crafted by a stick at the bottom middle of the crafting bench with a stick directly above it with 3 obsidian ingots at the top row.

Stone: Breaks in 0.25 seconds

Coal: Breaks in 0.5 seconds

Iron: Breaks in 0.25 seconds

Diamond: Breaks in 0.25 seconds

Gold: Breaks in 0.5 seconds

Redstone: Breaks in 2.5 seconds

Lapis: Breaks in 1 second

Obsidian: Breaks in 5 seconds

Emerald: Breaks in 2.5 seconds

Lava: Breaks in 15 seconds (will not recieve the block)

Uses: 2750